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Will Fawcett President
Evan Ketabchi President Elect
Gary DeLaune C.E.O. & M.C.
Chase Clement Secretary
Rodney Hayden Treasurer
Robert A. Dullnig
Justin L. Cole
Ed R. Frnka
Dr. Bill Gordon
Charles Huey
Jim O'Brien
Mark W. Muecke
Blake Stephens
Louis Sien, Sr. 1947
Hubert Jackson, DDS 1948
James P. Hollers, DDS 1949
M.L. (Hap) Massingil 1950
G. Archie Helland, CLU 1950
James W. Francis 1951
Robert D. Hardcastle 1952
George W. Luhn 1953
James P. Taylor 1954
Frank J. Baskin 1955
Max E. Johnson, MD 1956
Carl Furhmann 1957
John O'Flannery 1958
Jesse S. Jones 1959
George F. Giannus 1960
Judge Adrian A. Spears 1961
David D. McMahon Jr., MD 1962
Randall Clay 1963
Judge Charles W. Barrow 1964
John F. Monfrey 1965
Harry E. Newman 1966
B.J. "Red" McCombs 1967
James E. Bauerle, DDS 1968
Al J. Kline 1969
Jesse J. Erben 1970
Wayne W. "Red" Shaw 1971
Tom Benesch 1972
Joe Warren Jones 1973
Joe "Bill" Fox 1974
Pat Shannon 1975
Malcolm Robbins 1976
Bobby Butler 1977
Roland M. Aycock 1978
Edward E. DeWees, Jr. 1979
J. Pat O'Connell 1980
Marvin Hartung 1981
Rudy Davalos 1982
George Frost 1983
Waymond Lightfoot 1984
Ezra "EZ" Corley 1985
Bob Davis 1986
Louis Nelson 1987
Ken Batchelor 1988
Menan Schriewer 1989
J.D. 'Shady' Strickel 1990
Tom Moseley 1991
Jerry Comalander 1992
Joe Scacine 1993
Billy Hyde 1994
Tom Hewitt 1995
Jeff DeHart 1996
Steve Mayfield 1997
Trudy Sanders 1998
Rick Shaw 1999
O.C. Haley 2000
Charles Huey 2001
Keith Theis 2002
Phil Salemi 2003
Kenneth Pruitt 2004
Bill Gordon 2005
Paul Darr 2006
Gary DeLaune 2007
Reggie West 2008
Ed R. Frnka 2009
Jim O'Brien 2010
Robert A. Dullnig 2011
Mark W. Muecke 2012
Justin L. Cole 2013
Bob Farmer
Gary DeLaune
Rodney Hayden
Kermit Westerholm
Bob Ostrum
Dat Nguyen

The San Antonio Quarterback  Club is reported to be the oldest active quarterback club  founded in 1947.  Many prominent San Antonians have served as president of the organization.  Red McCombs, Henry Frnka, Rudy Davalos, Jerry Comalander, Randal Clay, Tom Moseley, Charlie Huey, Dr. Bill Gordon and the first woman to serve as president, the late Trudy Sanders in 1998.

The SAQB's mission is to promote, support and financially assist Gridiron Heroes, an organization founded by Chris and Eddie Canales.  The organization claims about 250-275 members who are diligent in support of these young men who have suffered spinal cord injuries while playing football.

New meeting location Earl Abel's, 1201 Austin Hwy




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